About Us

The Learning Cape Initiative is a non-profit company, registered as Economic Development in a Learning Province NPC. Our focus is to promote a culture of lifelong learning in the Western Cape as well as to assist in the stimulation of economic growth by curbing unemployment.

This is achieved by training and development of the most marginalised people through accredited skills development programs. In addition to this, practical preparation in the job seeking process (interview- and cv writing skills) and assistance in successful job placements.

Trained, passionate facilitators impart knowledge and skills at the well-equipped training facility in Woodstock, Cape Town, on-site at various organisations and when required on-site in rural areas.

To read more about the training we provide, please click on the Learning Cape Academy page.

Our Vision

To develop the Western Cape as a learning province by promoting the culture of lifelong learning within a framework of human rights and democracy with a commitment to increase access to learning for all people, especially those most in need.

Our Logo

Transformation is the essence of the Learning Cape Initiative. Like the caterpillar turns into a butterfly, so we too have the opportunity to assist in the process of transformation through the medium of education.

With this in mind, the Ses Wo Suban (the Adinkra symbol from West African Wisdom) is the representative of life transformation, whether personal or collective. This symbol combines two separate Adinkra symbols – the “Morning Star” which can mean a new start to the day, placed inside the “Wheel” – which represents rotation or independent movement. The morning star is the same as the evening star for Africans: only those who wake early to till the soil, sees this star.

In the background of the logo (red and orange), is the resemblance of the Tao. The meaning of the actual word is “way”, “path” or “route”. It also refers to harmonisation.